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Learn to play salsa piano from the best

Emilio Morales, a Cuban piano master and musicologist Jon Griffin know the importance of the piano’s role in Cuban music. Now they are going to share their knowledge with piano lovers everywhere.

Morales describes the piano as an instrument that has rhythm, melody and harmony. “You have to know where to apply the piano and how to use the piano,” he says.

In their new book Cuban Masters Series: Piano, which is now available for purchase, the duo will teach readers how to do exactly that. They will discuss topics from the traditional Cha-cha-chá and bolero to son...

Cuban Tres Tutorials Now Offered Online for Both Beginners and Advanced Levels


Las Vegas, Nevada - Music lovers and composers who’ve always wanted to learn how to play the Cuban tres musical instrument can now get an instructional book and DVD from A true Cuban tres master named Leonel Gonzalez will guide each book and video subscriber to the true essence of Cuban music and how to use the Cuban tres in other musical styles like mambo and cha-cha.

Latin music is very sexy which is why many people are drawn to this kind of music. gives everyone an opportunity to learn the Latin and Cuban way of making...

Piwik Mastery Guide Now Available To Help Users Maximize The Full Potential of the Piwik Software

Atlanta, Georgia - Website owners and developers who are looking for the best web analytics program may be interested to know more about Piwik and how it can greatly help manage websites. offers Piwik Mastery by Jon A. Griffin Jr., to guide both future and current Piwik users on how to better understand the system and use it to a website’s advantage.

Websites need highly efficient web analytics tools to give them detailed reports on site traffic and sales. There are many web analytics solutions in the market today but...

Las Vegas, Nevada – The Pacific Coast Highway is considered as the United State’s most beautiful drive and one of the best free tourist attractions in the world. Driving along this highway offers travelers a fascinating coastline to enjoy unlike any other. For a visual presentation of this famous drive, offers a video to entertain and help travelers plan their trip along the Pacific Coast. is inviting everyone who loves traveling and going on road trips to visit their site and take a look at the travel video they’re currently offering. The video takes viewers from North to South starting from Washington’s lush...

The Mayuli Press website contains music CDs, music instructional programs and historical videos of Cuba such as the ‘Cuba: One Island, Two Faces’ video which was professionally created by the Mayuli Entertainment Company.

New York, New York, August 22, 2011 - Mayuli Press has announced two exclusive partnership agreements with Salsa Blanca and Rockero Media.  The agreements were reached after months of negotiations on deeper discounts and shipping as well as distribution channels and delivery schedules.

The Mayuli Press website contains music CDs, music instructional programs and historical videos of Cuba such as the ‘Cuba:...

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